Conference Dates
24,25 January 2017
جدیدترین همایش های کشور
همایش نگار

Conference Subtitles

  • New Urbanism Theoretical  Bases :
  • Concepts and goals of RBUD
  • RBUD in New Urbanism Theories
  • RBUD,Regional and Urban Area Development
  • Setting Criteria to establish the geographic boundaries,scale and location of the Metropolitan Regions.
  • Effects of  city size,scale,and pattern in RBUD
  • Integrating Urban and Regional development,with Transportation Systems,along with presenting the Best Practices.
RBUD and Transportation :
  • Integration of Transportation Systems
  • Role of the different Transportation Modes( Road,Rail,Marine,Air Transportation) in RBUD
  • Transportation Safety
  • Promoting Public Transportation Systems Efficiency and Reduction of Passenger cars Travel Demand
  • Urban Land Reclamation in RBUD (Freight Transport Land-Uses),World Best Practices and domestic potentials.
  • Solutions to  reduce the negative impacts of railways,crossing cities
 RBUD and the Environment :
  • Environmental aspects and Sustainable development
  • Sustaining Land Permeability by preventing  the Urban Sprawl
  • Preserving the Landscapes as an Intergenerational  Capital.

RBUD and the Economic Development :
  • The Macro-Economic Effects Of RBUD
  •  RBUD and Investment Opportunities
  •  RBUD Economic Diversity and Prosperity in Urban Areas
RBUD and promoting the Quality of Life :
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Pedestrianization
  • Promoting Residents’ Sense Of  Place and community
  • Preserving the Cityscapes,Natural and Cultural Sceneries
Implementing the RBUD (Financial,Legal,and Technical Aspects) :
  • Methods of financing  RBUD Projects
  • Legal and Organizational challenges of  RBUD in Iran
  • Developing the right Institution for implementing RBUD
  • Implementation patterns of RBUD for Large,Medium,and Small-Scale Cities and Regions
  • Promote Benefits of RBUD plans by Integrating other needs,like: “Resilience”
  • Presenting national and Local Government Support (Financial) packages to Promote RBUD Project Implementation
  • Measures to Utilize the indirect Benefits of  RBUD ( such as Carbon Tax,…)
  • How to Revise Existing Development Plans to Incorporate TOD Concepts
RBUD and Social Development :
  • Social Equity
  • Improving Citizens’ Access to Opportunities
  • RBUD,Slums and Marginalization of the poor
  • Security in streets and public spaces (specially for women)
 RBUD,Culture and Communications :
  • Identification of Cultural Factors  influencing Rail Based Urban Development
  • Role of  the knowledge-sharing among government,planners and other stakeholders,in RBUD Implementation
  • Role of Public Awareness in Spreading the concept of RBUD
  • Understanding market forces in successful TOD
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